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Welcome to Mini Muse Makers, where we invite you to embark on an exciting mixed media journey to create a series of captivating mini art cards! This workshop is designed to ignite your creativity, nurture your artistic skills, and help you connect with your inner muse. Join now and explore a variety of techniques, from intricate layering to simple face transfers, and dive into the world of mixed media paper and textile collage. 

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To me, art is pure magic. With just a little bit of paint and collage, we can tell the soulful stories of our journey and bring joy to those we share it with.

Together let's create miniature works of art that reflect your unique style and vision. Get ready to get more connected with your creative self! ♥‿♥

✩ 6 detailed online art lessons 

✩ 3+ hrs of high quality video

✩ 2 creative wellness activities

"I'm so loving the process from gathering materials to finding faces to creating backgrounds and collage and mark making and finishing touches and... and... and.. I feel like a little girl playing!!  No words to how much I'm loving this! Thank you Delight Rogers for your class . I'm so inspired that I'm preparing for some large canvas muses. Not sure how they'll turn out or when, but the gathering stage is sooooo fun!!!"     ~ANDREA        

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Mini Muse Makers is composed of  a series of instructional videos:




+ a bonus video!

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Hi! I’m Delight Rogers, a mixed media collage artist.

Join me in “Mini Muse Makers” to explore the magic of mixed media layering and dive into a new world of creative possibilities! This self-paced online workshop offers instant, lifetime access, allowing you to start your transformative journey as soon as you are ready.

Places you can find me...

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I believe that working in a series is one of the best ways to find your style, improve your skills and boost your confidence:


Repeating the process, mastering it, means making it part of your signature style.


When you get stuck on one, move onto the next one, and get back in the flow!


Working on small art cards can be easy and forgiving: it’s just paper and paint!


Every time you create in a series you end up with a whole body of work!

"The suggestion of using tracing and carbon paper has thrilled and freed me.  Being able to just concentrate on the shading and then adding gentle colour with crayons made this joyous. I love the results so far and might just stop here with this lovely pair of muses."      ~LAURA                                                                                      

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Access these Self-Paced Lessons 》Anytime, Anywhere, with Lifetime Membership & Private Community

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 $44 USD



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 This project is the Inspiration for my Signature Workshop Personal Portraits. It is a great introduction to the main elements that will help you discover a simple and playful portrait art style:  I will show you how to use your collage papers to create the starting point for a beautiful series of mini portraits.  See how layers of paper collage, translucent paper, and a little bit of paint come together and create a special harmony.

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 What if you could gently expand your comfort zone and become more confident with portraits?

In this workshop you will be guided to find faces in various places and explore simple and effective ways to do an image transfer. 

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 In this project, you will discover firsthand how bits of paper, fabric, lace and jewels can become the starting point for whimsical and magical little muses. Learn which medium to use for each material. And don't worry ,you likely have the supplies you need already!  


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 Whether you want to fast track through the workshop or have an extra instructional lesson, definitely tune in to this new bonus video!

I have created a tutorial where I complete one muse from the very beginning to the very end.  You will be able to watch me bring a sweet mini portrait to life, combining vibrant colours with vintage materials. 

"Mixed Media Mini Muses. So much fun using magazines, gelli printed fabrics, stitches, acrylic paint, collage, soft pastels, stabilo pencil, and most importantly my creative spirit letting loose and having fun!  Thank you @delightrogers_art for the free workshop!"     ~MIXEDITUPARTJOURNAL


 ✩ "The Solo Muse" a  bonus video 

Mixed Media Supplies List - Video and PDF

✩Instant, lifetime access

✩Private Facebook Community 

✩Studio Course Pinterest Boards

I look forward to meeting you, if I haven't already!

I am a mixed media artist, deeply inspired by the magic of nature and my own imagination. I live in a small village in Northern Ontario, Canada, where the natural beauty fuels my artistic spirit. I show and sell my art in local galleries and offer art workshops, online, in person, and live on zoom.

I am known for my unique creative process, guided by intuition, that unfolds like a journey of self-discovery, resulting in works that resonate with both depth and beauty.

Through my art, I hope to guide others to find the playful joy of mixed media art. Having experienced firsthand the profound impact of art on personal transformation, I'm committed to sharing my creative processes and integrated wellness practices to inspire positive change.

Join me and let's embark on a journey where the beauty of nature intertwines with the transformative power of art, inviting you to explore your own creative potential.

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“I love your work and it was so fab to watch your process and see your wonderful end creation. Thank you for sharing your skill and your time with us.”        ~The Creative Calendonian        


How long do I get to keep the Art Course?

You will get lifetime access to the classroom and videos. "Lifetime" technically means for the lifetime of the program. If we were to retire a course (which so far has never happened), we would give you several months' notice so you have plenty of time to complete the lessons. You can watch the videos within the classroom as often and as many times as you wish.

When does the Class Begin?

All e-courses are self-study and self-paced. The videos are all prerecorded and ready to watch upon purchase. You can watch them whenever you want, and as many times as you wish. It is up to you to find the timing that suits you best. Make time for your creativity. It is a gift you are giving yourself!

How do I view the Content?

You can access the lessons and video from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. The videos will be hosted online on an easy to use platform called Simplero.

Once I sign up, when will I receive my login?

You will first receive a confirmation email as soon as you sign up. Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration. If it's the first time you are taking one of my classes, you will receive a random password for the classroom site. Once you are logged in, you will be able to go into your settings and change the password to your liking. If you are a returning student, the class will be automatically added to your existing member account, provided that you have used the same email address when registering.


Here at Creative Delight Studio we take our art as wildly playful, but our customers seriously. All our courses are backed by a 14 days guarantee. If you don't love it you can request a refund. In fact, if you have any questions, concerns or technical challenges, just reach out and we'll be there to guide you.

"I am loving my set of Mini Muses! I have called them 'Garden Goddesses!'  I love how each one represents the different ways I spend time in my garden. Although I am never quite as glam as these goddesses!   Thank you for such a fab class Delight Rogers."    ~NATALIE

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Access these Self-Paced Lessons 》Anytime, Anywhere, with Lifetime Membership & Private Community

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 $44 USD



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