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Hi! I’m Delight Rogers, a mixed media collage artist.

I am a mixed media artist, deeply inspired by the magic of nature and my own imagination. I live in a small village in Northern Ontario, Canada, where the natural beauty fuels my artistic spirit. I show and sell my art in local galleries and offer art workshops, online, in person, and live on zoom.

I am known for my unique creative process, guided by intuition, that unfolds like a journey of self-discovery, resulting in works that resonate with both depth and beauty.

Through my art, I hope to guide others to find the playful joy of mixed media art. Having experienced firsthand the profound impact of art on personal transformation, I'm committed to sharing my creative processes and integrated wellness practices to inspire positive change.

Join me and let's embark on a journey where the beauty of nature intertwines with the transformative power of art, inviting you to explore your own creative potential.

Places you can find me...

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